Perth City Farm Organic Growers Market

It’s been years since I’ve lived in Perth but since my return a few days ago I’ve been looking for the best places to buy organic fruit and veg. There don’t seem to be many organic options in my area so I decided to check out some of the farmers markets and organic supermarkets around the city.

This morning I went to the Perth City Farm Organic Growers Market in East Perth. I was looking forward to going because my impression was it was one of the bigger farmers markets in Perth but that’s definitely not the case.

The market was tiny. I got there around 10am and there were only 3 or 4 stalls selling fresh veges and the produce on offer was limited. There were very few veges to choose from and hardly any fruit at all. I was so disappointed.

There were a few other product stalls selling packaged products like muesli, nuts, chocolate and flour but there wasn’t a lot of choice there either.

I didn’t end up buying anything and instead went to Manna Wholefoods in Fremantle. I used to do a lot of my shopping there (I live south of the river) but was also disappointed with the fresh food they had available. It wasn’t really that fresh. Other grocery items were very expensive so I didn’t buy much there.

Fresh Organic Food Final option was Peaches fruit and vegetable market down the road from Manna Wholefoods. Their produce was much fresher and they had a lot more variety. Prices were much lower there too.

I would like to buy local produce from farmers markets so I’m going to keep looking for a good market but for now I think I’ll head back to Peaches for a lot of my organic needs.

Update: Farmers Markets in Perth

The farmers’ market blog posts I made a few years ago are way out of date so today I went through the Perth listings and updated them with information found in the comments on that post and by doing a bit of my own research. I’ll get around to updating the other city listings as soon as I can. You can see the market information here:

Farmers markets in Perth

If I’ve made any errors or omissions, please let me know by leaving a comment so I can keep it updated. Thanks to everyone who has already left helpful comments and emailed me about the new markets and incorrect listings. 

Veg Out Farmers Market | St Kilda

Veg Out Farmers market in St Kilda: