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Those of you in Australia may have noticed that the site has been down for the last few weeks. If you had tried to visit any of the pages you would have gotten a message saying: Forbidden.

I would like to blame my host or my husband or my cat for this outage but unfortunately it was all my fault :(

If you access the site from outside of Australia you would have seen everything as normal. As it happens, I’m not in Oz at the moment so wasn’t aware of the problem until a couple of days ago, oops!

So I must thank the Buy Organic readers who emailed me to let me know there was a problem. Thanks guys!

I have a backlog of organic sites to review so hope to start posting them in the coming weeks. If you have a site related to organic products in Australia, please let me know and I’ll try and publish a brief post about asap. Just leave a comment with your site details and we should be good to go.

Green Toys Givaway

Green Toys Competition If you live in the UK, check out the latest competition from Mums Rock. You can win a set of eco-friendly toys just by emailing them.

At long last someone out there has heard the pleas of us trying-to-be-a-little-more-earth-friendly parents and designed some Green Toys that are environmentally friendly and a safe alternative to traditional plastic toys.

We’re giving away five sets of Green Toys so you and your child can play with guilt-free this summer.

Apologies to all the Aussie readers but it’s for UK residents only.

Full details here.

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow

I’ve never heard of Inika before but they have some great looking mineral eye shadow colours that I’d definitely like to try. Their eye shadows can be used wet or dry or as an eyeliner which is great – I love multi-purpose cosmetics :)

About The Brand
Every Inika product is 100% Certified Vegan or Certified Organic, or both. Inika is 100% Cruelty Free and committed to environmentally ethical manufacturing. It’s glamour that’s good for you, and good for the earth. A decadent range that provides incredible performance.

Recyclable plastic, recycled cardboard

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow

Inika have some chic eye shadow colours. I particularly like the Turquoise and Industry shadows.

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow

Have you tried Inika cosmetics? What did you think about them?

Inika is available online at Pukka.

Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 has been and gone. I must admit, I was on holiday at the time and completely forgot about it so didn’t participate. However, I like to think I do my best to reduce my energy consumption on a day to day basis as well as making an effort to be as eco friendly as possible. I’m by no means perfect, but I do what I can.

So what about you? Did you participate in Earth Hour? Do you think it’s a waste of time as some other bloggers seem to think?

This Saturday marks the annual Earth Hour event, a largely meaningless piece of slacktivism where people pretend that one hour of environmental posing by switching off lights is more important than long-term behavioural change. Ignore the candle crusade and do something over the weekend that will have a more permanent environmental impact.

I don’t agree with what Angus at LIfehacker had to say. To me, Earth Hour is about getting people to think about how their actions affect the environment and how if we all make little changes, we can see improvements on a global level. What do you think?

Mulberry Tree Organic

Mulberry Tree Organic is an online boutique selling organic clothing for babies and young children as well as a small number of skin care products.

As an environmentally conscious and socially responsible business, Mulberry Tree Organic believes in stocking only the best organic clothing brands for babies and children, without compromising on colour or style. Each garment or accessory has been lovingly created with kids in mind, so they are practical, colour-filled, stylish and free from harmful chemicals or nasty additives. Not only is organic cotton better for the skin, it is also better for our earth and our farmers.

They stock lots of brands I haven’t seen before so they might be a good place to visit if you are looking for unique items which are eco friendly.

It would be nice if you could search their site by brand but otherwise it seems fairly easy to navigate.

If you have purchased from them before, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

BPA Free Baby bottles & Accessories

What is BPA and should you be worried about it? From the Mayo Clinic:

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in polycarbonate plastic food and beverage containers and in resin linings for cans. Research has shown that BPA can leach into food from these containers and cans. Because BPA appears to cause health problems in animal studies, some scientists are concerned about the risk BPA poses to humans.

The FDA has acknowledged concerns about the potential effects of BPA on the brain and the prostate gland in fetuses, infants and young children.

From Wikipedia:

Suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s, concerns about the use of bisphenol A in consumer products were regularly reported in the news media in 2008 after several governments issued reports questioning its safety, and some retailers have removed products made of it from their shelves. A 2010 report from the FDA raised further concerns regarding exposure of fetuses, infants, and young children.

It looks like there is a good chance that BPA found in plastic containers and canned food is dangerous and should be avoided. It has been implicated in:

  • neurological disorders
  • thyroid problems
  • obesity
  • prostate problems
  • cancer

BPA is believed to be especially dangerous for babies and young children.

How to reduce your exposure to BPA:

  • choose glass or BPA-free plastic baby bottles
  • use glass, stainless steel, or porcelain containers to store food
  • do not microwave plastic food containers
  • reduce or eliminate your use of canned foods

BPA Free Baby Bottles & Accessories

If you are looking for BPA free baby bottles, visit Caluna Loves, an Australia store specialising in BPA free products.

Harvest Cafe | Daylesford

The Harvest Cafe in Daylesford is not only an organic cafe but also an organic grocery store and catering company.

At Harvest Café, we have sourced quality organic wines that not only taste delicious but are also produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This means buying wines only from vineyards farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals and where workers are well cared for. Organic beers and wines are also available.

Our Harvest Grocery Store stocks a vast range of certified organic, bio-dynamic, gourmet and gluten free products, including traditional cakes & slices. Take-home meals, the very best in locally produced organic fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly squeezed organic juices, organic Fair Trade ‘Griffiths’ Coffee plus a huge variety of teas are available.

Visit Harvest Cafe:

29 Albert Street
Daylesford Vic 3460

Organic Clean Food

A lot of people have been talking about clean food recently and how that is what we should be eating, all of the time. What is clean food? My take on clean food is that it is simply real food – food free of additives and preservatives and without processing.

Here is a more thorough definition:

In the winter issue of The Trends Journal, Mr. Celente, the director of the Trends Research Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y., describes the clean-food diet as something beyond organic — "a new standard for health and reliability." The keys are "foods free of artificial preservatives, coloring, irradiation, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, ripening agents, fumigants, drug residues and growth hormones" and those that are "processed, packaged, transported and stored to retain maximum nutritional value."

This is what most of us are looking for when we buy organic produce and why so many people are going out of their way to shop at organic farmers markets where they know the produce is fresh and free of chemicals.

Organisations like Cleanfood Australia focus on organic produce which is grown in clean air, clean soil, and clean water systems.

Cleanfood Australia is proud to supply high quality fresh organic fruit and vegetable produce, pristine Tasmanian spring and sparkling water as well as food produced under our own production label, “Cara’s Organic Produce”. All of our produce is certified organic.

An Australian magazine, Clean Food Organic, discusses clean food and organic food in Australia:

Clean Food organic is a publication unlike anything published around the world. Its readers, contributors and supporters share the belief that consuming conventionally produced products is, by and large, not good for you. The ‘cocktail’ effect of the thousands of synthetic chemicals that our bodies have been exposed to over the years is unhealthy, and THE major positive step toward better health is by consuming organic products.

Clean Food organic is a fresh series of publications for everyone who lives an organic lifestyle. It is a major reference source of information examining how conventional products are produced and what is actually in the stuff non-organic farmers and manufacturers expect us to consume.

What are your thoughts on the clean food diet?

30 Scary Food Facts

Personally, I find reading the labels on food products pretty scary in itself but after checking out this list of scary food facts at Forensic Science Technician I’m so glad I don’t eat fast food. I don’t eat much processed food either but really, I should cut out processed foods completely and just eat organic, clean food.

Here are some scary food facts:

2. Most fast food chains dip their French fries in sugar to give them that deliciously golden brown hue after frying . – What many of us don’t realize is that some fast food fries aren’t just fatty and starchy. They are also sugary as well. While they don’t taste very sweet, the sugars are added for other incentives. It also helps to develop that nice outer crispiness that can be complicated to imitate when frying at home.

9. About one-third of bottled water contained synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. – In a study of over 900 bottles and 100 store brands that were tested by the National Resources Defense Council. On another note, there are also more than 115,000 human-made chemicals that are finding their way into the public water supply system.

12. The phosphoric acid found in cola is so acidic that it can dissolve a nail in 4 days. – The pH of soda is equivalent to the pH level of vinegar .That’s what makes this the most acidic beverage that is sold. Next time you see a truck toting concentrated Coca-Cola, look for the highly corrosive materials sign.

21. Over 90% of the salmon that is sold to us in stores is farm-raised and can contain as many as 16 more contaminants than wild salmon. – Did you realize even realize that salmon are gray and not supposed to be pink? Since farm raised do not consume their natural foods, they are given coloring agents that give them the salmony pink color.

Check out the full list here.

Le Cru | Melbourne

Le Cru restaurant and cafe serves raw organic vegetarian food.

The purity of taste offered by organic products is our primary passion in the kitchen at le cru. Mass produced processed items cannot compare with quality and flavour of organic products. Promoting a healthy and sustainable approach to the environment and your health is at the heart of what we do.

The health benefits of maintaining all vitamins, minerals, & enzymes at the source of pure, organic ingredients are numerous. Dining at le cru offers a unique & delicious combination of flavours. All dishes are prepared fresh, daily at le cru.

Our health is the core of our existence. Le cru’s beautiful clean food offers zero trans fats, no refined sugar, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Enjoy nutritious food that is delicious to taste and has delightful visual presentation.

Visit Le Cru:

137 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park Vic 3206