Organic French Wine

Organic French Wine

I’ve always been a big supporter of Australian preservative free and organic wines. Even if I don’t buy organic for every single food item I buy (as much as I do try), I only go organic when it comes to wine. A lot of pesticides are used on non-organic grapes and wine produced in this way is not something I want to consume or support.  I’ve tried many organic wines over the years and I have my favourites but lately I’ve been getting into French wine.

Being major producers and exporters of wine, it’s not difficult to find organic French wine although the options in Australia are a little limited. Initially I was in two minds about buying products which have to be transported such long distances but I now accept it’s not always possible to buy local, especially if you want variety in the products you consume. A lot of people seem to think local is the only way to go and while I appreciate that in theory, in practice it’s not that easy. I say go local and go seasonal when you can but don’t deprive yourself of the wonderful products you can find around the world.

My husband loves red wine so I usually buy a few bottles for him but personally I prefer lighter wines like this white wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in south west France. I lived in that part of France for 6 months or so and it’s one of the most pristine parts of France and they take pride in producing quality organic products. They produce a lot of rosé wines there too so if you find an organic rosé from the south west of France I’d say give it a try, it’s likely to be good.

France has strict organic certification laws which are tightly controlled so if you see the organic AB label you know it is organic. Each European country has their own organic label but if you do a bit of research you can quickly determine which are the authentic certified organic labels. When shopping online also look out for the term bio which is the word they use for organic in France as well in other parts of Europe.

So what do you think? Does buying organic wine from France or from elsewhere overseas go against everything organic and green living stands for or is it ok to purchase products from far away destinations?

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