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The other day I listed all the farmers’ markets in Perth and the rest of WA. Unfortunately there aren’t that many. Thankfully Melbourne is a different story and there are lots more choices there. I used to live in Melbourne (I’m thinking of moving back there) and they had some great organic fruit and vege shops then. I know there are even more now but you can’t beat a farmers’ market if you can get to one.

Here is a list of farmers’ markets in Melbourne and country Victoria. Feel free to add any I’ve missed and leave a comment if you have visited one of these, mentioning if it is has quality produce or if you had any problems.

Farmers’ Markets in Melbourne

Albert Park Farmers Market
Graham Street
Albert Park VIC
Every 3rd Saturday
8:30am – 1pm

Boroondara Farmers’ Market
Patterson Reserve
Auburn Road
East Hawthorn VIC 3123

Bundoora Farmers’ Market
Bundoora Park
Plenty Road
Bundoora VIC
Every 1st Saturday
8am – 1pm

Collingwood Market
St Heliers Convent
Abbotsford VIC
Every 2nd Saturday
8am – 1pm

Kingston Farmers’ Market
Cnr Nepean Hwy and Bay Road
Highett VIC 3190
Every 1st Saturday
8am – 1pm

Slow Food Melbourne
St Heliers Street
Abbotsford Convent VIC
Every 4th Saturday
8am – 1pm

South Melbourne Market
Cnr Cecil and Coventry Streets
South Melbourne VIC 3205

St Kilda Farmers’ Market
Peanut Farm
St Kilda VIC 3182

Farmers’ Markets in country Victoria

Aireys Farmers’ Market
Great Ocean Road
Aireys Inlet VIC 3231
Every 2nd Sunday
9am – 1pm

Buninyong Farmers Market
Buninyong VIC
Every 3rd Saturday

Cardinia Farmers’ Market
Packenham Racecourse
Packenham VIC 3810
Every 2nd Saturday
8am – 12pm

Castlemaine Farmers’ Market
Mostyn Street
Castlemaine VIC
Every 1st Sunday
9am – 1pm

Central Murray Farmers’ Market
Alton Reserve
High Street
Echuca VIC

Churchill Island Farmers’ Market
Churchill Island VIC
Every 4th Saturday
8am – 1pm

Daylesford Farmers’ Market
Daylesford Primary School
Victoria Park Daylesford VIC
Every 1st Saturday
9am – 1:30pm

Geelong Farmers’ Market
Little Mallop Street
Geelong VIC 3220
Every 2nd Saturday
8:30am – 12:30pm

Gippsland Farmers’ Market
McKean Street
Bairnsdale VIC
Every 1st Saturday
8am – 1pm

Knox Farmers’ Market
Mountain Highway
Wantirna South VIC 3956
Every 3rd Saturday
8am – 1pm

Lancefield & District Farmers’ Market
Central Plantation
Lancefield VIC
Every 4th Saturday
9am – 1pm

Metung Farmers’ Market
Metung Gippsland Lakes VIC
Every 2nd Saturday
8am – 1pm

Mornington Farmers’ Market
Vale Street
Mornington VIC

Moyhu Farmers’ Market
Cnr Whitfield Road and Meadow Creek Road
Moyhu VIC 3732
Every 3rd Saturday
9am – 12pm

Port Fairy Farmers’ Market
Cnr Sackville Street and Bank Street
Port Fairy VIC
Every 3rd Saturday
7am – 1pm

Talbot Farmers’ Market
Scandinavian Crescent VIC
Every 3rd Sunday
10am – 2pm

Traralgon Farmers’ Market
Kay Street
Traralgon VIC
Every 4th Saturday
8am – 1pm

Wadonga Farmers’ Market
Lincoln Causeway
Wadonga VIC

Wellington Farmers’ Market
Central Gippsland VIC 3850
Every 3rd Saturday
8am – 12:30pm

Yarra Valley Farmers’ Market
38 Melba Highway
Yering Station VIC
Every 3rd Sunday
10am – 3pm

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  1. The South Gippsland Farmer’s Market at Koonwarra keeps on growing. It was one of the first genuine farmers’ markets in Victoria offering only produce direct from the farmer to the customer.
    It’s success is a result is sticking with local producers and offering food that is always fresh and which has a regional variation to make the market unique.

    Many markets have stallholders from all over Victoria, which makes a mockery of any claims that the produce being offered is local to the area in which it is being sold. Often the same stalls are seen at markets throughout Melbourne and many centres in different regions.

    The South Gippsland Farmer’s Market is held on the First Saturday each month and the next will be the Easter market held at Koonwarra on Saturday (April 7) will see the return of one of the original farm stalls – Freeranger Eggs of Grantville which is the only accredited free range farm in Bass Coast Shire.

    It was a commercial decision for Freeranger Eggs to stop going to Koonwarra because of eggs being brought in from interstate which reduced demand for the local product. There were also consumer health issues with illegal eggs being sold by backyard operators with no food safety programs in place.

    It looks like the situation has now been resolved.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to post that info.

    So what made you return to the market in Koonwarra? Has the demand for local eggs now increased?

  3. Bunninyong Farmers Market is on 3rd SaTurday of each month

  4. Thanks Ambika

  5. You will find quite a few more farmers markets at
    Don’t forget markets like St Andrews Market which although not exclusively a farmers market ahs lots of good organic produce.

  6. Lynne Cochrane says:

    The Knox Farmers Market is no longer in operation

  7. catherine Coventry says:

    The Harcourt farmers market has now been relocated and rebranded as Castlemaine Farmers market on Mostyn Street Castlemaine with a grand opening on march 2nd by the Victorian Premier.It is run on the first sunday of the month alongside the old market building (now information centre) from 9am -1pm the first sunday of the month.
    there is no longer ANYTHING happening on the blackjack rd site and would you mind altering your website to reflect this .
    I can be contacted for confirmation on email, wk 53483216 or ah 54725472

  8. great website but just wanted to let you know the Daylesford Farmers Market is located in the Daylesford Primary School on the 1st Saturday of the month – could you please update your listing.

    Many thanks


  9. great website, glad I came across it! Just to let you know, Lancefield & District Farmers’ Market is also a good option for those of you travelling thru the Macedon Ranges on the fourth Saturday of the month (Third Saturday in December) 9am to 1pm. It is held in the Central Plantation area in the main street of Lancefield, a beautiful small historic town. We have a good range of organic producers who attend our market. We pride ourselves on being a fine, authentic, community based farmers’ market, established to promote sustainable farming practices in our region. New stallholder enquiries welcome! Meggs 0407 860 320. This market is an initiative of the Lancefield Neighbourhood House.

  10. I am looking for someone who can help me set up a farmers market in my area. We are a business and would like to hold a farmers market once a month on our property. We have a large carpoark area which would be ideal but I don’t know where to start and whom to get in touch with. Could you please advise me of anyone I can contact as it would be extremely appreciated – thanks, Vicki

  11. As a enthusiastic customer of organic farmer’s markets around Melbourne, I am very disappointed in Geelong’s Farmers market. The produce is mostly pre weighed and already bagged in PLASTIC! I have been a couple of times to see if anything improves, but it hasn’t, so I won’t be visiting it again. Hopefully the stall holders will catch on soon to the philosophy behind the idea.

  12. Organic Pat says:

    I have a regular stall at several farmers’ markets and my family has been selling at farmers’ markets for three generations as well as selling direct to the public at the farm gate. The recent resurgence and change of style of farmers’ markets has raised their profile but there has also been quite a high failure rate. For what it’s worth here are some snippets of advice from our side of the trestle table about setting up a farmers’ market.

    1. Your first, and possibly last, stop should be the local council. They will have all sorts of rules and regulations about toilets, parking spaces and all sorts of other things that only people who have time on their hands and no dirt under their fingernails can dream up. We have heard horror stories from organisers about councils. We have also come across some that fully support the farmers’ market. Our most common experience is for a big fanfare on opening day then after the councillors have got the photo in the paper with a headline of “Local council supports Green Initiative” and then you’re forgotten about while they’re off to the next photo opportunity.
    2. Check out the several umbrella bodies for farmers markets such as the Australian Farmers Markets Association at
    Some choose to join one, some don’t. It’s a bit like us on the farm. We have been organic for ages but we choose not to pay the hefty fee to somebody else so that they can give us their certification. Our best customers have visited and seen how we go about our farming and know we far exceed the standards set by many such bodies. After all, part of the reason for the customer having direct contact with the producer is to cut out the middle man providing accreditations or selling expensive logos or ‘ticks’ for supermarket shelves.
    3. You might consider hiring or talking to existing organisers for advice. For instance, we find the fellows at Regional Farmers Markets very good and professional
    4. See if you can get in touch with the guys at White Hat. They are the farmers’ market gurus in Victoria and get around most of them and talk to the stallholders and visit their properties. They will have a good idea about the best day of the month for your area, what products work and which ones don’t, what is a good mix and how to promote the market. It is also worth subscribing to their free food newsletter which is full of useful stuff and always good for a few laughs.
    5. Try to develop some partnerships with local groups such as service groups – Lions, Rotary, SES, CFA, etc. Try to avoid those who are merely following the latest foodie fad, because a year from now they’ll be “so over that”.
    6. Vicki, you say that you are a business. Use that to your advantage. Frankly. a number of farmers have got fed up with the organisation of some markets and are deserting the scene. As farmers we are expected to be sustainable but some market organisers don’t take their own sustainability seriously. It is just as important to be sustainable in your organisational and business practices as it is for us. We have had organisers tell us “we don’t know anything about business”. Well don’t waste our time by dragging us off a productive day on the farm and having to pay someone else to milk the cows because you can’t be sustainable at your end. Even if it is not-for-profit, it is a business – people are buying and selling and trying to make a living without relying on a handout from the taxpayer. (Sorry I got a bit excited, but several of our friends have been burned recently by well-meaning but irresponsible ventures.) So Vicki, if you emphasise to prospective stallholders the fact that you are a business I am sure you will attract a better quality of producer and they will bring their fresher produce rather than the overpriced ‘seconds’ that you see at some farmers’ markets.

    I hope those suggestions might be of some use. Good luck with the venture and keep us all posted.
    Organic Pat

  13. Please inform me of when a market is happening – I do a fruit juice promotion – called the mangosteen juice – XanGo.

    I live in Forest Hill Melbourne.

  14. Heathmont have a Farmers Market , on the 1st Sunday of each month.
    It`s at the primary school on Great Ryrie Street, off Canterbury Rd

  15. Walter Rushbrook says:

    St Kilda Farmers’ Market is 1st Saturday 8am – 1pm

    South Melbourne Market is not a Farmers’ Market If it is considered to be so, why not include the Prahran and Queen Victoria Markets?

  16. Walter – that’s a very important point you made, thank you.

  17. i live in Dendenong, which farmer market is close to me

  18. Berwick Farmers market is on the 4th Saturday of the month at the Cheese factory

  19. Basset,

    There is a useful map of the location of farmers markets in Victoria at the bottom of

    You should find that of use.


  20. eva anderson says:

    could you please add our markets to your list
    whitehorse farmers market
    whitehors rd
    2nd sunday of each month
    8 – 1

    lilydale farmers market
    swanseea rd
    1st sunday of each month
    8 – 1

    templesstowe farmers market
    1 bulleen rd
    bulleen (manningham hotel)
    4th sunday of each month
    8 -1

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