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Buy Organic provides information about organic products and why they are better for us, our children, and the environment. Our aim is to find quality products which contain natural and organic ingredients and make them available to you. We source the best products from within Australia and, when not available locally, from overseas.

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Why Buy Organic?

Organic products are produced without the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, growth hormones or routine antibiotics. Organic farming relies on crop rotation, improving soils by adding animal and plant manures, hand weeding, and organic pest control. Organic food is grown slowly, as nature intended, resulting in more vitamins and minerals and more flavour.

Although the quantity of pesticides absorbed from eating non-organic food is very small, they do accumulate over time. Pesticides absorbed from food are linked to many health problems including cancer, birth defects, genetic mutation, asthma, and nerve damage.

Organic farming also keeps animals healthy as the use of drugs is restricted. Salmonella, cryptosporidium, E.coli, and listeria are rare in organic foods.

For more information on organic food, products and environmental issues, read our articles.

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**** UPDATE: Buy Organic is no longer being maintained or updated. Much of the information found here was posted years ago and is outdated. I will not be responding to emails or comments. ****

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